THE PROM....An Out of This World Experience for Some Very Special Guests

Picture of dresses.

Cinderella's Closet is proud to partner with the Vineyard Church in Cincinnati, OH to help produce "THE PROM", a magical evening for special needs adults in our community. We have joined forces to compile the most amazing collection of formal gowns and accessories this side of the Mississippi!

Just like Cinderella's Closet, THE PROM provides their Princesses and Princes with free formalwear for the event! Your donations are now going even further - helping to show God's extravagant love to individuals of all ages and abilities in our community!


Often individuals with special needs are overlooked by society. We want to show God's extravagant love in a fun and practical way by celebrating our friends with special needs.

On October 2nd, the Vineyard Church will be hosted the second annual "PROM," a magical evening of dancing, games, food, and fun. The theme was "Out of this World." They transformed their campus into another galaxy all together as they prepare to host hundreds of stars.

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  • THE PROM is a ministry of the Vineyard Church, Cincinnati, OH.